Fire fighAng vehicles dedicated to extracAon, storage and energy producAon sites are commonly referred to as “Industrial”.

Such kind of vehicles can be of different execuAons, these can considers : water vehicle, hydro foam or trivalent version, powder unit or support vehicle.

The “industrials” are vehicles made with unique characterisAcs, different from one vehicle to another, because are linked to needs of each customers and based a on their specific use.

The “fire-fighAng capacity ” is established by the customer’s necessity, as a result of their risk analysis relaAng to systems / plants to be protected in the area. Based on above needs and clients indicaAons, Techoil accordingly design and develop the most suitable vehicles.

To meet the demands of the market and to be always able to give the right answer, in case of special requests, Techoil’s research and development department became specialized also in the construcAon of “complete” vehicles equipped with triple fire-fighAng systems suitable for quick and powerful intervenAon in various situaAons.