Our assistance is ensured throughout our sales area that extends from Europe to the Middle East to North Africa, the United Arab Emirates and China.

All inclusive Assistance

Due to some logistical difficulties, typical for overseas locations where Techoil vehicles are supplied and in service, our Company has developed a remote assistance system that provide an important resource and an appreciated helps for all customers.

For each single vehicle, having abroad destination,Techoil provides a supply of a portable tablet with integrated software to simplify the internet communication between the machine status to the assistance service, active 24 hours a day all year around.

If requested by customers, we organize vehicle presentation, use and maintenance training courses; this can be done both in Italy than abroad.

For all training courses, at least one of our best technicians will reach customer’s offices. He will be able to solve all unexpected situations referred to mechanical or electronic problems. Our technician will provide copy of documentation (electronic and printed papers) drawn up during design and construction of the vehicle.