Chassis and cab

Brand or ManufacturerAstra, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes Benz, Scania, Volvo, others according to specific customer request
Trasmission4×2 – 4×4 – 6×4 or 6×6 or 8×4
Engine emissionsEuro 3 a Euro 6, in according to the final destination
Drive CabinFrom 2 to 3 seats, safety belts and air bag under request
Crew CabinFrom 4 seats, two doors, electric windows, A.C., Safety belyts , full-width storage compartment, anatomical backrests with headrests or backrests with quick release individual self-contained breathing apparatus
Speed90 Km/h

Extinguishing Capabilities

Water tankVolume from 2,500 to 12,000 lt. Integrated in the bodywork From 18,000 to 35,000 as tank on trailer and fifth wheel
Foam tankVolume from 2,500 to 8,000 lt. Integrated in the bodywork, can be coupled to the water tank
Powder groupFrom 250 Lt to 1000 Lt double unit in one compartment. From 2000 to 3000 Lt single in one compartment.
Powder group propellantDouble row nitrogen, manual opening control, pnemuatic and/or from truck drive’s cab

Water Pump

TypeCentrifuge, with automatic priming system
ModelRear to frame or mid-ship , behind cab with transmission interruption.
ConstructionBronze, light alloy, cast iron, according to specification
Motion transmissionVia cardan shaft from PTO (from gearbox or integral), with or without additional clutch, insertion from cab and rear control panel
Pressure and flowFrom 3000 to 10,000 lt. / min, capacities over 12,000 on special vehicles on customer request. Delivery pressure from 10 to 17 Bar, according to customer request. From 200 to 400 Lt / min @ 40-60 bar.


TypeHydro, Hydro foam, twin agent or trivalent (including powder nozzle on the hydro foam model)
Controlmanual, electric from cabin or control panel, wireless.
Construction materialsLight alloy, bronze or stainless steel in compliance with technical specifications.
FlowHydrofoam: from 2500 to 8000 Lt / min Powder: from 15 to 30Kg / sec according to Customer requests. Variable flow version on special vehicles.

Loading on board

NaspiWater, foam or powder. Manual or electric rewinding.Flexible hose length from 25 to 40 meters. Longer lengths for high pressure hose reels.
Hosescustom housings by diameter 1.5”- 2.5” and 4”
Lances and nozzlesvariable quantity according to specification, flow rates from 250 to 900 Lt / min
Water optionalsdividers, manifolds, reducing valves, portable monitors and anything else required by technical specifications


MaterialStainless steel, Cu-Ni 90/10, other special steels on request. TIG welding in inert atmosphere and passivation after welding
ColorationPiping coloration for service differentiation.
ValvesFor medium and high pressures (from 25 to 60Bar) manual or pneumatically operated. Approved safety valves and pump / hydrant pressure control valves.


MaterialsAluminum, stainless steel
ExecutionWelded, bolted profiles
Designrectangular with front and rear compartments suitable for the systems, ergonomic arrangement of accessories and adjustable storage shelves.
RoofIn non-slip aluminum, or with a tread surface with anti-slip marine paint. Safety handrail on 3 or 4 sides (on request) with remote or manual pneumatic raised railing, non-slip and large access ladder.
LightingLED lighting for night operations for: internal compartments (automatic ignition), pump compartment, water pump and powder unit control panels, lower compartments for system valves

Foam mixing

Typearound the pump, o centralized type with balanced pressure on the individual outlets
PumpGeared, self-priming
Pump constructionBronze or steel, stainless steel
Motion transmissionFrom PTO secondary, or by independent motor
Pressure and flowFrom 200 to 1000 Lt /min @ 17 -20 Bar

Electrical system

ExecutionCan-Bus, or traditional, with microprocessor for customized programming. Minimum IP 54 degree.Modifications for Ex-d executions relating to engine parts, gas exhaust and visual acoustic signals, according to Customer needs.
Acoustic signalsLight bar, above cab with: Multitone siren with control and microphone in cab, integrated PA (Public address), side search lights and blue / red or amber strobe lights according to specification
Light signalingPerimeter lights, front and rear wireless search light, rear amber flashing light. Multi-function LED lights (red or blue) on the engine grille and rear body.
Control panelsRear in the pump area, in the cabin, high visibility light buttons, alarm buzzer, LED night lighting. Front panel in different colors for services, multilingual indications.