Company in Cesena, that deals with electric overhead platforms, aerial platforms diesel, spider platforms, tracked aerial platforms, truck mounted platforms of all brands to pat. B or to pat. C, lift, Self-propelled aerial equipment, aerial trucks, aerial platforms new self-propelled, self-propelled diesel, self-propelled electric, new vertical, vertical used, vertical aerial electric, diesel vertical platforms, platforms aerial scissor, scissor elettric, diesel scissor, scissor used scissor new baskets used platforms isolated, insulated aerial platform, ambulif, ladders removals, building stairs, modular stairs, crane trucks, crane trucks, crane used, Telescopic, telescopic elevators, hydraulic repairs, Vehicles Fire Department, Fire Department, Fire and Aerre platforms, Hydraulic Testing USL & Oil-pressure services, authorized service center CTE RAM Multitel Forli-Cesena province

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Negotiations in seat

Platform Bizzocchi 20 Mt on Ford Transit
Platform Bizzocchi 20Mt on Nissan Cabstar